All of our programmes are UK accredited and focus on functional skills alongside preparing the people we work with for employment and independence. There are programmes for both people with and without special educational needs and in all programmes, the trainee is treated as an individual. We all have dreams and aspirations about what we would like for our future, part of our job is to make those dreams realistic and help our trainees develop the skills to access the pathway they desire. All of this takes place in our training centre and onsite coffee shop and cafe.

Every trainee has an individualised plan which maps out the individual skills they need to focus on in order to reach their goal. We write the plan with the trainee and family input. The trainee voice is extremely important in our programmes, we know so many people who feel like they are not heard but at Steps, we start with them first. Our plans also highlight their existing skills and reward them for progress, whether it is big or small.

We are linked in the community with several companies who are willing to offer employment opportunities to trainees that have completed our programme, both special needs and not special needs. These companies have been trained to understand how to help our trainees access and to achieve. We know not everybody wants to work in the hospitality industry and that is absolutely fine, we encourage each trainee to work towards their own career pathway, but all trainees can benefit from learning soft skills and transferable skills as this is what employers are looking for.

As everyone is an individual, our programme looks different for each person. Our trainees have the opportunity to access the following areas:


  • Hospitality and Catering (everything from customer service, life skills cooking and barista training to advanced patisserie training)
  • Administration (office skills such as laminating, copy and scanning, data entry, stock taking, answering the phone and messenger)
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  • Art (both art therapy and art for employment where we help trainees uncover and develop skills which could lead to sustainable income)
  • ICT (functional IT skills such as using Office, Google products like Gmail and Drive, learning how to code, build websites, create databases, write blogs and build apps)